Seaspan's Shipyard Modernization Project Time Lapse - Steel Building Construction

Watch Seaspan’s Shipyard come to life

10 December 2014

After being selected as the the successful proponent for Seaspan’s Shipyard Modernization Project in 2013, MPETI Construction got to work to build five new pre-engineered steel buildings, as well as support systems, at the Vancouver Shipyards site. The project is part of the federal government’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy and aims to give Seaspan and the Vancouver Shipyards world-class ship-building capability.

This timelapse video records MPETI’s construction process from April 2013 to October 2014, and features the construction of three of the five steel buildings included in MPETI’s work on the Shipyard Modernization Project. Construction of new subassembly, block assembly, and pre-outfit shops can be seen from the ground up, as well as the relocation of the repair blast and paint shop.

The subassembly shop was the first new steel building to be built as part of the project. The 47,00- square foot steel building is now used for storage of raw steel, plate cutting and parts processing for ship construction. The subassembly shop can be seen on the left in the opening scene of the video.

The block assembly shop was custom built to accommodate curved panel and three-dimensional block production and stands at  62,919 square feet.

The final building of the project, the pre-outfit shop and blast paint shed, is also the largest at 137,000 square feet. The pre-outfit shop houses storage, trade and office facilities.

Along with the three steel buildings features here, the project also included construction of a 7800-square foot water treatment plant and 6000-square foot maintenance shop featuring a 10-tonne bridge crane.
Throughout the timelapse video, the versatility and efficiency of steel building construction can be seen along every step of the way.

Seaspan has been a Canadian leader in marine transportation since 1898. Today te Seaspan group of companies specializes in coastal marine transportation, shipdocking/ship escort, ship repair and shipbuilding services in Western North America.

MPETI Construction are a Vancouver’s pre-engineered steel building experts, working with clients, not only in B.C., but throughout Canada and the United States.

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