MPETI Steel Construction Building Video

Why MPETI Construction is the best in the bizz..

MPETI Construction Management – the Vancouver Steel Building Company that specialized in steel construction buildings. In their 26-year history the company has introduced new building designs with guarantees of using the highest grades of steel available and competitive pricing.

The MPETI steel Construction company has successfully constructed steel buildings in Canada and the United States including: Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario in Canada, and the States of Washington and Nevada in the USA.

MPETI is not limited to construction only, as they provide the highest level of services that include: general contracting, foundation, renovation services, turnkey and construction management and also the resale of existing buildings.MPETI Construction also provides visits by their team of experts to the construction site, blueprint designs, sketches, accurate quoting rates and feasibility studies to ensure each project has the highest level of project management, communication and attention to detail.

MPETI has constructed state of the art steel buildings since its inception in 1985. The company has excelled within its growth providing highly trained management to provide the highest levels of steel construction work.

We pride ourselves with providing excellent buildings
with the highest quality materials and service.

MPETI Construction has been continually expanding and have been praised for excellence in Business for their level of commitment to their building and construction services.