CSA A660 Required Certification

05 May 2015
  1. This certification is a mandatory requirement for all pre-engineered steel buildings across Canada to be certified under CSA A660 and all buildings sold by MPETI are manufactured to these high standards.

    As per the British Columbia Building Code, Steel Building Systems:

    1) Steel building systems shall be manufactured by companies certified to the requirements of CSA-A660, “Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems.”

    The CSA-A660 standard was developed to assist in code enforcement and to help purchasers of pre engineered steel buildings. The CSA-A660 Standard requires that the manufacturers’ production facilities, staff and quality assurance systems be certified by an independent certification agency. As part of the CSA-A660 compliance, the manufacturer will provide a “Certificate of Design and Manufacturing Conformance” signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer for each building project. ISO Accreditation is not an alternative to the CSA A660 certification.

    Complying with the CSA-A660 Standard ensures certification in:



    design and engineering

    materials control

    warehousing, packaging, and shipping

    quality control program.

    plant quality control plan

    There are many steel building marketers who sell buildings that do not meet the CSA A660 certification but sell to customers in Canada regardless. The purchaser is then responsible for getting the building certified, which is a long and expensive process, or scraping the building.